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 Guangxi Tone Resin Chemical Co., Ltd. Is the subsidiary company of Taiwan Tone Co., Ltd,. we produce various kinds of solid form tackifier, semisolid form tackifier and water-borne tackifier by used pinene, gum rosin and petroleum resin as raw material.  we had been assessed and registered by NQA (national quality assurance) limited against the provision of ISO9001-2008.

Used in acrylic solvent base adhesive, acrylic emulsion adhesive, styrene-acrylic emulsion sdhesive, acetic styrene-acrylic emulsion adhesive, natural rubber latex, MMA modified natural rubber latex, PUD, neoprene latex, VAE latex, EVA and various kind of adhesive, our products can increase peel strength, initial tack, adhesion power, glossy and fullness. Our products apply to electronic tag, industrial label, civilian label, auto interior decoration, shoe bonding, package laminating, can increase the performance also increase the adhesion to the various primary bonding material.

May. 2017, the new factory of Guangxi Tone Resin Chemical Co., Ltd came into service, because of our rich experience and technological innovation, we can offer the best and the most suitable tackify application solution to customers. Our new factory have innovate experiment center, can openly used to share the experience of the application of tackifier and formula improvement.

   Our capacity is 10000MT annually, marjory, we produce Tackify resin monomer dispersion,UV- curable rosin derivative, α-Pinene Terpene Phenolic resin, Modified Rosin Ester, Terpene Phenolic resin, Tackifier (including rosin ester, hydrocarbon resin, terpene phenolic resin etc.) Dispersion, Maleic Resin, Liquid Rosin Ester, Rosin Ester for Lead-free solder . Alkyl phenol Formaldehyde resin. Halogen-free phosphorus-modified phenol formaldehyde resin. Widely used in adhesive, ink, special ink, lead-free solder, VPSA, graft CR adhesive, coating, pigment surface treatment, UV curing, rubber compounding etc.

   Our upmost aim is fully meet customer demand, including research and develop new products, improve production processes, implement stringent quality control standards, and after-sale technical services. We do offer whole-heard services for all our customers. We do expect to establish long-term cooperation with every valued customer. We do seek mutual benefits among us.

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